The application tells me « L’application Mail n’est pas configurée ».
This message has not been translated. Sorry English people!
The message means the iPhone embedded Mail application needs to be configured to be able to send mails.
The application generates a file that need to be sent on the remote iPhone, iPad or iPod so as to deploy it. The generated file is send via Mail application. You need to check Mail SMTP settings in the iPhone Setting menu.

My friends receives the mail but he can’t get access to WiFi.
Either you have provided erroneous parameters in the app form or your modem is configured to filter Mac adresses of new devices. Some modem have this security feature enabled by default. Just log in you modem interface (you can try the shortlink button in the app to access it easily but it does not work for all modems), find the Mac filtering option in the WiFi or Wireless settings and disable it.

  1. Bonnet dit :

    Peut on imaginer que votre application permette de transformer et partager un signal 3g vers du wifi dans un future proche?

    • wifease dit :

      non ce n’est pas prévu.
      Vous pensez au « tethering » (ou tout simplement de partage de connexion)? Cette fonction existe déjà nativement dans l’iPhone.
      Mais elle ne permet pas de partager une connexion via le WiFi. Je crois bien que cela n’est pas autorisé par Apple: pas de serveur DHCP sur l’iPhone. L’iPhone est un client réseau WiFi uniquement.
      Eric Chavet

  2. BOGDAN dit :

    Dear all,

    I have an iPad2. It is not jailbreaked.
    Will this PplicTion help me to turn my iPad into hot spot for other Apple devices and other laptops?
    Thanks in advance for answer

  3. dargonath dit :


    Is there a possebility to create a compatebility between Apple andere o
    ther android/Wii enabled devices? Tablet Samsung galaxy 2 user

    Grtz Bart

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