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WiFease iPhone application is available on Apple store. Impress your friend by providing them WiFi access in a few seconds with just one click. Free for a week only.

WifEase allows you to share your WiFi access at home (or anywhere else if you know the codes) with friends comming home.

WiFease is a very small and simple application. Only 4 screens.

Here are the main ones:

Table of managed WiFi networks

The first screen is a simple table in which you can add or remove networks.The left green icon indicates the SSID and the key have been provided.The « WiFeaseMan » button allows to generate a mail to profide the network access to friend. 

Of course, if your modem is configured to filter Mac adresses, your friend won’t be able to connect until you desactivate mac filtering feature.

WiFease screenshot

This last screenshot is the Mail application. It is launched from WiFease application. The mail is ready to be sent. You just have to put the mail address of your contact.

WiFi access installing

This screen shot is from your friend iPhone. When he or she will open the mail. He will be noticed to install the profil. The profil is not signed. Don’t care of that and accept the warning messages.
That’s it.